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3. After the periods described in the previous sections have elapsed, the worker may continue with her leave of absence without the right to reserve her job, shift or, where appropriate, work center, or to calculate seniority or career purposes.

Workforce who have suffered physical or mental damage as a result of the terrorist activity, as well as those threatened in the terms of article 5 of Law 29/2011, of September 22, of recognition of the Ministry of the Interior or of a final judicial sentence , will have the right, to make effective their protection or their right to integrated social assistance, either due to the consequences caused by the terrorist action, or due to the threat to which they are subjected, to a period of leave with the same requirements and under the same conditions established in the previous article for female workers who are victims of gender violence.

1. The workforce in which the following circumstances concur: will have the right to compulsory leave:

a) In the case of their election to a representative public office that makes it impossible to attend work. For this purpose, a representative public position shall be understood as the election as a deputy or senator of the Cortes Generales, a deputy of the Autonomous Assemblies and a councilor for the Town Halls when, in the latter case, he / she is assigned an exclusive dedication regime and receives remuneration.

b) In the case of their appointment to positions that, in accordance with their specific regulations, have the status of senior position in any public administration.

c) In the case of their appointment to the performance of positions of special responsibility or trust in the structure of political parties with parliamentary representation or more representative unions, provided that their performance requires full dedication.

d) In the case of their appointment, in accordance with the provisions of article 12 of the revised text of the Law of the Basic Statute of Public Employees, as temporary personnel in any of the administrations included within its scope of application.

e) In the event that a senior management contract is signed in the public sector of the Community of Madrid.

2. The compulsory leave will give the right to reserve the job, shift, where appropriate, work center, as well as the computation of seniority during its validity.

1. Those who have been in the service for at least one year may request leave for particular reasons or to attend to conciliation cases that do not find their coverage in any of the other forms of leave provided, for a period not exceeding eighteen months.

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